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Thursday, March 11, 2010
Link dump of articles about me:Anything missing?
Wednesday, March 10, 2010
Carmen and Aster were the first couple I wed yesterday, at 9:30 at the Moultrie courthouse here in DC.

Seven other couples followed. Some wanted only my administrative signature; after all, they were already married, and I was just making it legal. Others had readings, or vows, or family and co-workers in attendance. One was at DC's city council building, attended by three council members, and one was on the rooftop of the Department of the Interior, with music and video. The last was at my home, with my lovely wife as witness. My friend Roy tagged along and took lots of pictures, which I'll post as soon as I can.

It was an exhausting but fulfilling and wonderful day. Thanks to all who helped make it happen.

Friday, March 05, 2010
Whew, what an interesting week!

So, things went viral, and I'm now signed up to do 15 weddings in the next few weeks, 7 on Tuesday, the first day same-sex couples can get married in DC. One wedding will be in the office of David Catania, the city councilman who sponsored the legislation making it all possible. I'm told there will be a news crew waiting outside afterwards.

An interesting detail is that I'll be performing a marriage in the Trinidad neighborhood, one block away from where the Loving family lived after they got kicked out of Virginia for marrying across racial lines. They were, of course, the inspiration for the sign that got all this started.
Monday, March 01, 2010

DC gay marriage begins tomorrow Wednesday!

DC will begin accepting marriage license applications from all beginning on Tuesday, March 2 Wednesday, March 3. They've released the gender-neutral application. As with all DC marriages, couples must indicate their officiant (or opt for a civil ceremony) at the time of application. There's a 3-day waiting period before the license can be picked up, and a longer wait for civil ceremonies, due to scheduling issues.

Going by the example of California (and other municipalities), it seems like a good idea for folks to get hitched as quickly as possible, to minimize the effects of any future revocation. Regular readers know that I went through the trouble to get registered to perform weddings in DC, and actually hitched our friends Jim and Angela in August 2007.

But how do I let folks know I want to help (pro bono, of course)? I've considered going down to the courthouse tomorrow Wednesday and handing out cards, but that might look sketchy. eviltiff and I got some fleeting fame in the community due to the sign we carried at October's National Equality March--any way to leverage that?

Update: Me in the Washington CityPaper.

Update: I'm working with a couple to try to be (at least one of) the first out of the gates on Tuesday, the 9th.

Update: Two couples now!

Update: Three now, with possible TV coverage!

Update 3/3/10: Seven, with TV coverage confirmed.


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