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Friday, July 07, 2006
About a year ago, I became a DC-authorized marriage officiant. There were some wads of red tape to cut through, and I’ve never had occasion to actually officiate, but it was a fun thing to do. The oddest part is that one has to be “endorsed” by someone who is already authorized to do marriages in DC; the endorser has to be of the same religious orientation, as well. I was able to find someone on the internet who’d do it, though I had to be re-ordained in a whole new sect in the process (as most of you know, I’d been the Rev. Dr. for several years already).

A few weeks ago, a total stranger asked in a comment if I would endorse someone for her wedding. This time, she had to wade through the red tape, but we just now met up so I could endorse the application and have it notarized.

Just spreadin’ the love here at Chez MoonPie, I tell you what.


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